We are trending to record a 50% increase in sales

As a vendor to Amazon (through the Amazon Vendor Central program,) they relied on Amazon’s marketing to build their listings and manage their marketing. They had limited communication with Amazon and no plan to grow sales. Their listings were set up with minimal optimization and they were losing out to their competitors, even having lower prices for the same product category.

A home goods company came to us as an established company with multiple brands that have had success on many retail channels such as Walmart, Walmart.com, Target, and eBay. They sold product to Amazon as a vendor for five years prior to meeting with Velocity Sellers. They had several staple brands in the home goods category and while they had sales on Amazon.com, the total sales volume was not reflective of the reach and capabilities of Amazon’s Online Marketplace. Velocity Sellers came up with a strategy to increase sales while implementing advanced tools and processes that benefit both vendors and sellers on Amazon.

trending to record a 50% increase in sales

The Goals

  • Increase sales for their existing products
  • Beat their competition,
  • Increase their marketing on Amazon
  • Start their own 3rd Party presence selling direct to consumer through Seller Central.
  • Clean up their catalog
  • Optimize their listings
  • Establish successful advertising campaigns
  • Increase the number of 5-star reviews

How Velocity Sellers Helped

When Velocity Sellers joined the home goods company’s team, we made several initial improvements to their listings on Vendor Central to optimize for search and conversions, took over the Sponsored Ads and Promotions, and started up their 3rd Party Amazon store (Seller Central) to be used with FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon.) Velocity Sellers addressed several issues first. These improvements included: (ads report)

  • Removing unauthorized sellers
  • Adding enhanced images
  • Creating strategic Bundles
  • Implementing Lightning deals
  • Reducing Out of Stock Rate
  • Adding new products to 3rd party store

trending to record a 50% increase in sales
trending to record a 50% increase in sales

  • Improving product content
    • Improving keyword relevance across their line of products
    • Updating titles for SEO
    • Updating Descriptions to better describe the product and for SEO
    • Utilizing A+ content

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The Numbers

  • A 80% increase in revenue from Sponsored products advertising within 2 months
  • A 20% increase in organic conversions within 4 months.
  • Gross margins of 35% with Seller Central
  • Created sustainable and profitable advertising campaigns averaging 10% of retail price.
    Increased sales of ~40% over the first 6 months

Other Achievements

  • Removal of unauthorized 3rd party competitors
  • Streamlined customer service
  • Gained valuable customer and category data
  • More accurate inventory forecasting and projections
  • Increased product count by 20%
  • Cleaned up and consolidated listings for better brand presence and customer experience

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