Kitchenware company Increases Amazon Sales
by 110% Year-over-Year

Kitchenware company has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948. It has earned the reputation of being remarkable. Kitchenware company’s products are 100% American Made — from raw materials through construction.  Kitchenware company teamed up with Velocity Sellers in (date) in order to find a long-term partner to grow their Amazon business.


Kitchenware company came to Velocity Sellers in order to use our expertise and take advantage of all the tools that Amazon provides like Amazon Advertising, SEO optimization, and A+ enhanced content. They needed to be able to stand out in a crowded marketplace and category. Before Velocity’s involvement, Kitchenware company was relying on mostly brand searches to drive their sales. We sat down, discussed the options and developed a strategy that has allowed them to reach more customers to grow their sales.

Goal 1: Create profitable Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is an important element of any Amazon strategy, especially in highly competitive categories. Kitchenware company had tried advertising to not much success. We developed a full advertising campaign that included:


  • Sponsored Product Ads that bid on the best performing keywords.
  • Headline ads that drove traffic to the store page we developed.
  • Branded campaigns to measure sales from branded terms vs non-branded.
  • Product display ads that targeted competitor products.


+ 170.40 %

Increases in Amazon Sales

+ 165.49%

Increase in Amazon units ordered

Goal 2: Optimize Keywords and SEO

  • Kitchenware had not considered keyword optimization when uploading their listings to Vendor Central. We believe that no Amazon Vendor should rely on Amazon’s keyword optimization… you should always take it into your own hands. Kitchenware’s listings were lacking terms that customer would search… therefore there was no way for Amazon to connect those search terms with their product.
  • There are also specific strategies we implement to make sure we are putting the most important keywords in the most important places. Keyword placement matters… whether they be in the title, bullet points, backend keywords or description. It even matters what order you put them in!
  • It’s also important not to put too many or the wrong keywords, otherwise, you will drive irrelevant traffic and negatively impact your rankings.

We optimized (number) ASINs and saw an organic sales increase of (number)%.

The advertising campaigns saw an immediate 25% increase in total sales

and were instrumental in the overall increase in sales to date.

Goal 3: Store page

Kitchenware products need to stand out amongst the competition. Therefore, using the branding tools that Amazon provides was absolutely essential to their strategy.


We developed a store page for their Amazon presence to establish credibility and increase conversion rates.

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