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The 8 roadblocks preventing you from taking your eCommerce business from 1 mill to 10 mill… and how to overcome them

Over the last few years, major online marketplaces have faced tremendous difficulty when it comes to controlling the sale of counterfeit products from third-party sellers.

To exert brand protection across your Amazon catalog, you need to familiarize yourself with the details of Amazon’s anti‑counterfeiting policy and the programs it has available for brands to implement additional layers of protection.

In this comprehensive guide, Feedvisor’s Amazon experts explain proactive ways that your brand can prevent counterfeit activity and preserve your brand identity.

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What’s Inside the Guide?


— Everything you need to know about Project Zero, Amazon’s latest initiative designed to curb the sale of counterfeits


–Key highlights from Amazon’s anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property policies


–Innovative steps you can take to further solidify your brand presence and establish consistency in the market


–Requirements and enrollment information for Amazon’s various brand services

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