Most brands don’t understand how to (or have the time to)  master the complexity of Amazon in order to maximize their sales potential. That’s why we’ve created a full-service, Amazon management agency that helps brands grow their sales.

When your brand is monitored, protected, and positioned by our agency, your products will start ranking higher, customers will find you more easily, and your sales will increase quickly.

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We Aren't Just On Your Team, We Are Your Team

Nathan Schwarzbaum

Founder & CEO

Nathan has 25 years experience in online marketing and commerce. He has owned, operated, and sold a number of marketing businesses and now helps set the strategy and business development for Velocity Sellers.

Jake Schwarzbaum


Jake is passionate about digital communications and drives successful marketing campaigns for Velocity Sellers. Plus, he is one of the launch strategists and overall developers for our company and focuses on mutual success.

Lisa Zajdel

Director of Amazon Accounts

With more than 20 years of project management experience, Lisa helps direct the strategies for each Amazon account. She is your one point of contact and control, and directs our whole team focused on your success.

Andrew Warner


Chris Prall

Director of Advertising

Steffanie Morrison

Director of Sales & Launch Strategist

Florence Palahang

Senior Data Manager

James Dee

Account Manager

Eric Peterson

Account Manager

Frank Patti

Account Manager

Aurelia Guerra

Customer Support Manager

Nisha Henry

Data Manager



Our Unique Story

Nathan and Jake Schwarzbaum, Co-Founders and CEO and COO, respectively, launched this business from a hospital room where Nathan was battling leukemia. Jake would visit his dad during treatments, and the two of them created a full-service Amazon consulting agency from treatments rooms in 2014.

Nathan, with more than 25 years of marketing under his belt,  knew that most eCommerce businesses and CMO’s wanted to scale on Amazon but didn’t have a proven way to do that.

“Success on Amazon requires complete compliance and total immersion, and there was no way for new-to-Amazon eCommerce Directors and CMO’s to increase their sales on Amazon quickly,” said Nathan.

“When you don’t know how or have the time to master Seller Central at Amazon and Vendor Central on Amazon platforms, it can be very frustrating,” said Jake. “You can see the potential your brand has, but you feel hopeless because you can’t spend time building a team to make it happen. We believe you shouldn’t have to build an internal operations team to grow your sales on Amazon.”

What began as a father and son operation has grown to a thriving, decentralized business that serves the globe, with thousands of happy clients and serving more than 25 markets around the world.

Nathan, now in complete remission from leukemia, says that Velocity Sellers is hyper-focused on helping brands increase their sales on Amazon while improving their processes, managing logistics, and forecasting inventory.

“We understand what CMO’s and eCommerce directors need in online marketplaces,” continued Nathan. “This is why we pair every brand with a team of dedicated Amazon selling consultants to help them launch and scale on Amazon.”

Jake says that many Amazon consultant agencies rely primarily on automation and AI to solve compliance problems and optimize listings, “But not our team,” he said. “We are obsessed with helping brands exceed their sales goals, and the way we do that is by making sure skilled Amazon seller consultants are behind the wheel, not failure-prone automations.”

With a bright future and more marketplace dominations on the horizon, Velocity Sellers helps brands stop feeling lost in the complexity of Amazon and become brands that are maximizing their revenue opportunities on Amazon.

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How To Become Unstoppable On Amazon

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