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Free Opportunity Analysis

Are we the right partners for you? Here's a taste of what you'll get as part of your Free Opportunity Analysis

Missed Sales Potential Analysis

How much missed sales are you leaving on the table?

By analysing a few overlooked areas of your Amazon account and your historic sales data and competitors, we’ve yet to find an account that wasn’t leaving a lot of missed sales opportunities on the table.

Wasted Amazon Ad Spend Analysis

How much wasted ad spend is your account ‘leaking’?

A typical Amazon account we audit is ‘leaking’ on thousands of dollars per month. This can be fixed almost instantly if you know how.

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Step 1 - Discovery Call 

If you want to sell more on Amazon, now is your chance to meet the experts. We want to get to know your business and we'll decide together if there is opportunity for significant growth. This is about getting to know each other, it is not a sales call, and very low pressure. You will complete a questionnaire before the call, so we can understand your business better.


Step 2 - Analysis

Just by looking over your Amazon account with experienced eyes, we can predict the $$$$ you can make (or save).

And it's not just about the money, we also consider what time savings, efficiency and all round management improvements are possible


Step 3 - Partnership 

For the right match, we have the potential to bring a huge amount of value to your business. We are committed to our partners and to grow their businesses. 

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"Our sales have grown about 2.5x since we started working with Velocity Sellers. The problem with Amazon is that its so complex. Velocity Sellers provides the expertise and the team needed to create ongoing success."